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Did you know that you can get your medical cannabis for FREE?

The secret that recreational dispensaries don’t want you to know!

Here’s a surefire way to make sure you never pay for your medical cannabis again!


Step 1: Get your free medical assessment 


In order to start getting your medical cannabis for free, you must become a medical cannabis patient. Makes sense right?

Thankfully, OridonMedical.ca is the easiest way to become a patient.

We provide Canadians with FREE medical assessments that take place completely online.

No waiting. No long lines. Get your medical cannabis prescription immediately!

All you need is a smartphone or computer to get started. Our certified healthcare practitioner will assess your symptoms to confirm if medical cannabis can help you!

This assessment will only take 15 minutes of your time. 

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Step 2: Contact your insurance provider


Do you have an insurance plan?

If so, please speak with your insurance provider to see if you have a healthcare spending account.

This is the same plan used to reimburse you for your eyeglasses, orthotics, massages, physiotherapy appointments, etc. You probably have coverage through your workplace which is going unused.

With a healthcare spending account, your medical cannabis purchases will be reimbursed up to your spending limit.



Step 3: Purchase your medical cannabis and submit your claim


Buy medical cannabis from a Health Canada licensed producer online.

Submit your claim to your insurance provider and receive your reimbursement for your purchases.

Wait, there’s more…

Did you know that medical cannabis is a tax-deductible expense?  This means that you can reduce your yearly taxes by writing off your purchases as an expense.  Lower your taxes right away!

If you are using cannabis recreationally for a medical reason (pain, arthritis, stress, sleep, anxiety, seizures, cancer symptoms, appetite, sexual), medical cannabis is up to 40-50% cheaper than recreational prices in stores.  Please stop overpaying for medical supplies!

In fact, you may be overspending and poorly treating yourself by experimenting with the wrong products and doses.

Let a healthcare practitioner help you choose the right product from day one.  Save money today!


To start the process of seeing a healthcare practitioner from your mobile device or personal computer for free, please book an appointment:

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